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Free surfer

If you follow the surfing industry then you would have heard the name Ben Apps or better known whilst catching a wave as Appsy.

Ben has been surfing competitively in many events and categories all over the world for the past 20 years as he began surfing at the age of 10.

Ben began his career on a shortboard but decided to diversify his talents and crossed over to Stand up Paddle Board Riding (SUP) in 2009. The length of these boards ranges from 10 foot to 13 foot which requires a high degree of skill to maintain balance whilst riding those massive swells the oceans deliver. A skill most of us can only dream of.

A personal achievement for Ben is winning the local boardriders events against some fierce competition from the local surfers in Ben’s area of Woonona in NSW. These events are held every month in his local town. Ben continues to participate in these events to this day. It probably wasn’t the biggest event Ben has competed in given a major surfing expo held in the Philippines in 2007 where Ben achieved a position in the quarterfinals in the Quicksilver Cup at a break called cloud 9.

In 2010 the first ever NSW Stand Up Titles were held and Ben won this event. It wasn’t only gruelling on the body but extremely fun, Ben says.

We can safely assume not every wave can be kind to the rider as we all have seen footage of cruel and battering swells that even challenge the most experienced surfer. In these tiresome swells, unfortunately, brings accidents. That is the risk a surfer takes every time a swell builds Ben admits. And Ben is not immune to injuries, however, takes caution from his doctors and family with particular advise from his wife who Ben admits has taught him how to be more patient. His Grandmother also holds a special place in Ben’s life as he has seen her survive many unfortunate and devastating life experiences but she continues to show optimism and positive thinking today. Ben takes these qualities from his Grandmother and hopes to teach his daughter to be as humble.

Surfing comes with other pleasures in life that Ben is a fan of. He enjoys holidays, travelling the world, great food, good music and loves his family time. Ben shares all these experiences with his wife and young baby daughter.

Ben has wasted no time in teaching his daughter the surfing lifestyle. You will find Ben and his daughter quite often in the water-loving what mother nature has to offer and she loves every minute with daddy, Ben admits with a cheeky smile.

When not in the water Ben appreciates a home cooked roast and enjoys a good movie.

Ben wakes up every day with his family very fortunate to live in a quaint part of Australia with a beautiful beach at his doorstep and has two very simple life mottos.  Attitude is the key to success and Blowing out someone’s candles will not make yours shine brighter.

Recreational (likes to think he is serious) fisherman

Mark is most definitely what you would call the outdoors type of man. Being amongst mother nature and the great outdoors either fishing or surfing makes Mark a happy man.

Mark takes his passion for fishing to another level. He has lost count of the number of rods he has in his collection which could mean his passion has extended to an obsession which Mark has admitted quietly whilst his wife is sitting next to him.

Mark joined the EURO Ambassador VIP in August 2014 and already has given the MAKO style a perfect 10 as it is the ideal style for fishing. I no longer squint when I look into the water as all the glare is eliminated and I can really focus on that fish Mark says

Mark shares his passion for fishing and surfing with his wife and three children taking any and every opportunity to encourage them all to relax in his boat and wait patiently for those fish to bite or grab a board to catch a wave! Being out in the open space in the fresh air brings a sense of calm and serenity to my life that allows myself and my family to appreciate everything around us Mark says.

Mark has other talents that he is proud of. He can host a mean BBQ (with fresh fish of course) accompanied with everything from fresh salads and fruit. His guests can vouch for this he tells me.

Mark awakes every day with a positive attitude and really believes it is because of the strength and determination of Nelson Mandela. He was a truly inspirational person who went through so much and was able to overcome many obstacles, he was a great man.

Competitive Cyclist

Stuart or more commonly known as Stu around the South Coast of NSW where he lives is an avid competitive cyclist and keen surfer. Stu is married with two young daughters who Stu admits as being his biggest achievement in life. Having two healthy and happy daughters brings him much joy and contentment.

Stu loves to ride and has accomplished quite a few personal achievements. One that sits very close to his heart is riding from Sydney to Queensland and back not at one attempt that most of us couldn’t possibly do, but twice. First time in 2011 and again the following year in 2012 both trips taking 7 days tracking over 1000kms on a bike. He is overly proud of this ride and does admit it comes a very close second as one of his biggest achievements in life alongside his girls.

Unfortunately, not all cycling can be full of positive adventures as there have been a few incidents where Stu has been hit by a car and was impacted by injuries. His most serious accident took over four months in recovery where he was required to maintain a full process of rest and repair. Not being able to cycle and train during this time Stu does admit was a career low light. It took mental strength from myself and support from family and friends that gave me the confidence to get back out there and cycle again. Stu’s parents assisted him greatly during this time and have always maintained to this day that they are the most influential people in his life as they have consistently displayed guidance and direction that have aided many of his important career decisions through encouragement and perspective. Stu is very thankful.

Stu joined the EURO Ambassador VIP in July 2014 and has since gained a true passion and love for EURO sunglasses. His favourite two styles to date are the TRAX and VIPER with the photochromatic lens. Stu praises both styles with complete comfort and is extremely lightweight. You don’t even feel them on your face as the vision is not impaired or restricted no matter what the weather conditions are around you on that ride.

Even though cycling does take up a lot of Stu’s time, he still makes time to sit with the family and watch a movie, however, does have a biased view on Will Ferrell who is Stu’s favourite actor and tends to watch a lot of his movies. Not sure all the family agree!

Stu takes each day as a new adventure and embraces it with happiness and to make sure you live every day to the fullest and not to forget the simple things in life as sometimes they can be the biggest.

Professional and Competitive Surfer

2015 brought a new direction for EURO OPTICS evolving through its newly updated website but also very proud to have recruited a new team member.
Nick Farago joins the existing elite list of athletes in his primary sport and passion
Nick is the youngest EURO team member however his sheet of credentials and achievements would make you believe otherwise.

Nick is young, free-spirited and well known around the Wollongong, NSW surfing circuit.

Only a year ago in 2014 Nick competed in the NSW State Log Titles and achieved a perfect score of 10 in the final. That is near impossible however Nick pulled it off convincingly and with complete maturity. There was no question Nick was stoked, to say the least.
What makes Nick an all rounded and grounded surfer is his ability to ride any size board and well. His skills on a longboard are nothing short of outstanding. Then look out if you see him in the surf on a shortboard. A true talented surfer.

Nick has wasted no time in choosing his favourite EURO style by naming the SLICK the best style yet. The slick is a slim frame, lightweight and feels like a feather on your face, he says. He gives the slick a perfect 10!

When Nick is not in the surf (which is not very often), he doesn’t mind the odd game of Basketball with mates or jumping on the skateboard and heading to the skate park.

So when asked who is Nick’s most influential and inspirational person in his life, it took less than 3 seconds to answer.

His family have been extremely supportive in his dreams which include his Father, Mother and brother. In actual fact, Dad was Nick’s coach from a very young age and was constantly providing him with the encouragement he required to be an incredible surfer that he is showing today. Nick also values Mick Fanning’s morals and skills who has currently won 3 world titles and hopes one day he can be just as good as Mick.

Each day when Nick has that board under his arm heading to the ocean or jumping on the skateboard, there is one value he believes in Treat others how you would like to be treated, that is in the surf and out.